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This is our famed and popular Party Pack! (Assorted Rum Cakes 24 Pack)


Our Tropical Party Pack consists of 24 bite-sized rum cakes with 4 of each of our 6 tropical flavors:


    • Mango Pepper Rum Cake
    • Passionfruit Pecan Rum Cake
    • Lemongrass Coconut Rum Cake
    • Coconut Pineapple Rum Cake
    • Guava Rum Cake
    • Mandarin Orange Rum Cake


    Our Chocolate Party Pack consists of 24 bite-sized rum cakes with 4 of each of our 6 chocolate flavors:


    • Chocolate Kahlua Rum Cake
    • Dark Chocolate Almond Rum Cake
    • Dark Chocolate Pistachio Rum Cake
    • White Chocolate Pistachio Rum Cake
    • White Chocolate Strawberry Rum Cake
    • White Chocolate Coconut Rum Cake

    Party Pack

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