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Image by Cassie Matias


Althea Georgiana Casimir-Magloire, the namesake of Althea’s Tropical Delights LLC, migrated over 30 years ago to New York City from the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica, which is known as the “Nature Isle of the Caribbean.” As CEO and founder of Althea’s Tropical Delights LLC, Althea’s vision was to use her experience and background as an accountant and an entrepreneur, with her passion and love for baking, to launch these delectable desserts. 


The uniqueness of her cakes comes from the perfect fusion of wholesome tropical fruits, and all-natural ingredients baked from scratch. These decadent delights will leave you with a refreshing and memorable taste that will transport you right to the Caribbean. Our exotic delicacies are offered as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as well as gluten-free and sugar-free so the entire family can enjoy.


The crux that inspired the formation of this company was the devastation of Althea’s beautiful island Dominica by Hurricane Maria in September of 2017. Her desire to help in a time of dire need led her to create some quick fundraisers. After this heart-wrenching situation, Althea decided to launch her true passion which she could use as a vehicle to help her communitIes both in New York and the Caribbean, in causes that are dear to her.


Presently Althea serves on the board of directors of the “Birch Family Services” a New York-based not for profit that empowers individuals with autism and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives. Through her collaboration with them and other institutions, Althea intends to use her business to make a difference.


So welcome to Althea’s Tropical Delights, LLC - 


We are passionate about baking - our business!

 We are passionate about our business - baking!


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